Hello. Good morning. Three quick things, then you can all get on with your day.

1) According to Mark Bellhorn’s entry on Wikipedia, the former Sox second baseman and 2004 cult hero owns and operates four Dunkin Donuts franchises in the greater Boston area. Who knew that beneath that shaggy, Kip Winger-esque mane there lurked the mind of a savvy entrepreneur? Also, it’s quite possible the guy earned more money shilling coffee and muffins than playing for the Padres.

2) Darryl Strawberry has identified the reason for the Yank’s current World Series championship draught: Jeter must “embrace” A-Rod. Super.

3) People Who Don’t Get It, Volume 2887-D: Boondock Saints. Cool concept. Nice action sequences. Superb soundtrack. And some excellent footage of Boston. Then the creators gotta go mess it up with that disturbing Willem Dafoe-in-drag sequence. Folks, listen: Willem is a fairly unattractive guy, and an even homlier woman. The sight of him writhing on the floor in a short skirt and garters was one of the few instance in my life that I wished I didn’t have eyes. Thanks for ruining Christmas, people. Your gift is in the mail.