The Big Hurt: $18 million to DH for Toronto for two years isn’t a bad gig for a 38-year-old Thomas. If the guy had any defensive abilities left in him at first base, I would have loved to see the Sox go after him.

Juice-man to the AL: To replace the loss of Frank Thomas, the A’s are considering making a run at Barry Bonds. No surprise that Oakland is looking to continue their long-standing tradition of employing steroid-junkies to play for them. Following in the footsteps of Big Mac, Canseco and Giambi, Bonds is a perfect fit. More chances to boo him if he’s in the AL.

Mueller becomes a shirt: Former Red Sox thirdbaseman and all-around good guy Billy Mueller announced his retirement. The Dodgers will keep him on in a front office role. Good luck, Billy, RSN will always be a fan.

Cy Young Again: Johan Santana was the unanimous winner of the 2006 Cy Young award. It is his second in three seasons. All this production and all this bling for under $10 million per year? Not too shabby.

Meanwhile, back home the clock is ticking for the Sox to sign the Dice Man. Get it done, boys. Also, the Celtics won their second game in a row and go for three tonight against the Knicks. Everyone calling for the heads of Ainge and Rivers are probably in line for playoff tickets. Or Playstation 3’s.