I’ve said this so many times in the past, i’ve actually reduced it to a form letter:

Dear [local journalist’s name here]:

Thanks for your most recent anti-Manny diatribe. I understand that you want me to get all hot and bothered over the fact that, to paraphrase your words, Manny doesn’t like Boston, Manny doesn’t like us fans, Manny hates all of his teammates and regularly spikes their thermoses with Fiber-Con, and Manny is coming over to my place later tonight to kick me in the jimmy.

But the fact is, you ain’t gonna change my mind, no matter how hard you try. Because I believe that if Manny leaves, this team becomes a little less lovable, a lot less entertaining, and I’m not even gonna get into replacing that consistent production at the plate. So please — channel your energies elsewhere. Like, your family, perhaps. Or that secret base you’ve been constructing on the moon.

We, and Manny, will be fine.