Celtics: What can you do? Gilbert Arenas is an absolute Celtic-killer. He torches them everytime they play and Boston can’t find a way to guard him. Of course, 23 turnovers doesn’t generally help the cause either. That’s the most turnovers in the NBA since Charles Barkley entered a pastry-eating contest in 1998.

Boston College: What a letdown. Losing 21-14 to Wake Forest just plain hurts. Defensively, it was allowing an 81-yard rushing touchdown that put the game in jeopardy. On their second-to-last drive the offense coughed up the ball, and on their final drive threw an interception in the endzone. The game was rife with suspect play-calling for the BC offense. Going for it on a fourth-and-10 from the Wake 27 early in the third. Throwing the game-ending pick on first down from the Wake 25 when they still had all three time-outs. Calling a timeout after the pick (even though the clock was stopped for change of possession) when there was still a chance to make a defensive stop and get the ball back with 30 seconds. If BC ends up running the table, their two losses are going to really hurt.

The Revolution: The Revs play at 4:00PM today at DC United for the Conference Championship. Good Luck!

The Pats: Big matchup tonight. The ball control passing game and two-pronged running game should be strong enough to score often while eating up the clock and keeping Manning off the field. 31-17 Pats.

The Sox: Nothing doing…bring on the Hot Stove!