Perhaps this should be the new logo for the Boston Celtics? The Leprechaun that served Boston and Red Auerbach for so long seems to have lost his magic. The C’s are now 1-5 after last night’s disaster. The green had King James and the Cavs on the ropes, up at one point by 25, and still up by 19 with just over 10 minutes to play. Then…then I don’t know what happened other than it was a choke of 2004 Yankees proportions and the Celtics lose again.

I missed the second half ’cause I went to see The Departed. I’d like a few readers’ opinions on this. The cast was terrific, the acting brilliant, the plot was tight, then they gave it all back in the last 15 minutes by contriving one of the worst endings to a movie I can remember.

From a weather perspective, today is pretty much the opposite of what we saw yesterday, Completely overcast, foggy, drizzly…just a crap-fest. And exactly what I was hoping for to watch the Pats dismantle the Jets. I predict a very pissed-off Brady and crew to come out for blood. 34-13 Pats.