Just when I was hoping all this J.D. Drew nonsense had evaporated, today’s Globe tells us that the Sox continue to plug away under the radar to sign J.D. Drew. According to Edes, The Mighty Boras wants four years at $14 mill a season — roughly $4 million more than what we offered Johnny Damon. That’s an awful lot of dough to lock up a dude who spends so much time on the DL he’s built a vacation house there. My greater concern is that the presence of Drew and noted wife-assaulter Julio Lugo — whom the Sox still covet — will up the team’s smarm factor to heights uncharted since the magical Rick Cerrone days.

On the plus side, with the ludicrous amounts of money doled out to Soriano and Lee, the last couple years of Manny’s contract suddenly seem like a bargain. I know I’ve been getting my money’s worth.