Before there was Lost or Heroes, there was Twin Peaks, regarded in its day — roughly 1989-1991 — as the weirdest f–king thing on television. Created by David Lynch, the show was built on a simple premise; the body of homecoming queen Laura Palmer washes up on a riverbank in a small Washington town. Suddenly, everyone’s a suspect, and an FBI agent teams up with local authorities to crack the case.

Elementary enough on paper, but Lynch used it all as mere framework for his wild-ass, seemingly hallucinogen-inspired ramblings, packing the show with deliciously weird sh-t, including cherry pie-lovin’ Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan’s finest moment) who frequently spouts obscure messages into a micro-recorder for someone named “Diane”, a woman who speaks to a small log, venetian blinds obsession and donut fetishism.

Out of the gate, Peaks became required viewing simply for the sheer spectacle of it all. Sadly, it collapsed just as quickly under the weight of its own surrealism. But it did leave us with what may perhaps be the eeriest, craziest, most what the f–k did I just see sequence ever aired on network television: a bit from the third episode that has come to be known affectionately as “The Dance of the Dream Man.”

Don’t ask. Just watch.

Any love for Peaks out there? Whose gonna show me some Peaks love?