Is there anyone — and I mean anyone — who looks more out-of-place in a suit than Trot Nixon?

Seriously. It’s like a grizzly bear wearing a stove pipe hat and monacle; it doesn’t make a lick of sense.

Seeing him interviewed last night on NESN, all I could think was that the dude should never be allowed to wear a shirt and tie. In fact, he shouldn’t even be allowed to purchase them. To the point that his photo should be hanging in Casual Males and Mens Wearhouses across the city, with the words “Do Not Serve” under it. He should just stick to the baseball uni 24/7 — on the field, raking leaves in the yard, shopping for exotic meats. And on those rare occasions when he can’t wear the cap and cleats, give him one of those red Captain Marvel outfits with the lightning bolt across the chest. Because, y’know, the suit just doesn’t look… right.

Also, is it just me, or in the photo above, does Trot kinda look like he could be Michael Keaton’s younger, slightly less intelligent brother?

In other news, get ready for more sweet Alex Cora action. Oh, and we’re one step closer on the Clemens watch.