Pujols and the Cards are up 1-0, there will be no sweep. My predictions for the 2006 season are a perfect 0-for-117. A few quick observations:

Do they have dentists in Detroit? I’m a huge Bob Seger fan, but what the hell were those things in his mouth? He looked like Austin Powers.

Verlander’s breaking stuff is nasty to the point of being suspicious.

Ordonez and Belliard are finalists in the first annual Manny Ramirez Bad Hair-off.

Is it customary to boo the introductions of the opposing team? I honestly can’t remember but it seemed pretty rude.

There is no safe haven to try to enjoy the series. I went from Buck and McJerky on TV to Miller and Morgan on the radio. Torture to my senses.

No Sunday night football? As big a baseball fan as I am, I think I’d watch Arizona versus Oakland over game 2 of this series.

Bring on the Hot Stove!