After Red brought you a beautiful, heartfelt memory from 2004, I bring you the passing of Nelson de la Rosa. One of the most surreal and bizarre stories to come out of 2004 when Pedro began bringing (his mascot?…pet?…friend?) Nelson into the clubhouse. But check it out; the goggles, the “Cowboy Up” shirt, Pedro…magic.

Switching gears for a moment, the Monday Night Football broadcast on ESPN is almost unwatchable. Tirico is weak, Theisman is rapidly deteriorating into the buffoon role, and Tony Kornheiser is the rare combination of boring, annoying and uninformative. I can’t believe I’m about to type these words, but I think Madden and Michaels are ::gulp:: better!

Kenny Rogers…cheating? Even this fails to raise my interest in the Series. Although Placido Polanco’s Lycra head-shell has rekindled feelings I thought were forever dead.

What about this? Could be the break Red and I have been waiting for…