Here’s an actual job posting for an actual cheerleader position with the Anaheim Angels of Los Angeles, Inc. Props to the authors of this job description for doing everything but coming right out and saying “thou shalt be a piece of arse, shaking what God gave ye while Vladimir Guerrero finds his sunglasses in the dugout.” Note clever use of such key terminology as “cheerleader-like,” as found in my favorite sentence, “Must also be comfortable wearing cheerleader-like attire.” Hey, who shouldn’t be?

Anyway, if anyone out there’s looking for a job and longs for milder climes, consider this another public service effort from your pals at SG.

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Angels Baseball – Strike Force – Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Job Description: The Strike Force is a female cheerleader-like interactive squad that perform various tasks at Angels Baseball home games. Game presentation activities include t-shirt launches, prize giveaways and trivia contests. Strike Force members perform these tasks live on the stadium’s video board.

Qualifications: Must be comfortable performing activities and interacting with fans on camera in front of 40,000+ people. Must also be comfortable wearing cheerleader-like attire. Previous experience as a cheerleader or pep squad member preferred. Individuals with outstanding communication skills and a positive, energetic personality. Availability to work during Angel home games and other special events as needed. Must be reliable, punctual, and courteous. Good listening skills and ability to work with brief instruction. Must also be flexible to accommodate quick and professional responses to any situation. Local Greater Los Angeles applicants only please!!

In order to be considered, you must attach a letter of interest and in that letter explain why you think you would be a good Strike Force Member. Also, please attach a copy of your resume with this online application.

For more information about the Angels Strike Force, click here.

Must apply ASAP and no later than December 8, 2006.

Note: When you apply for this job online, you will be required to answer the following questions:

1. Yes/No: Are you local to the Greater Los Angeles Area?

2. Yes/No: Do you have the ability to work unusual hours including late evenings, holidays and weekends?

Closing Date: 2006-12-08

Apply for this position.

Thanks to Matt for sending this along.