First things first: Happy anniversary of our 2004 World Series win. At 11:40pm tonight, please join me in raising your hands in Minty-like splendor and shouting “Yes!”

And allow me to crib generously from myself, as I typed on this very site two years ago:

Foulke snaring the final out. Minty raising his hands in victory. Leskanic dropping to the ground and making “snow angels.” Dave Roberts on Timlin’s shoulders. Curt pouring beer over Johnny Pesky.

Tonight capped the single most incredible season of our lifetimes. We are dizzy, drunk, hoarse and crazed. And we won’t be sleeping tonight.

Because the Red Sox won the World Series.

It sounds better every time I say it.

Regarding this year’s Series… the Tigers can still come back and make good on my prediction by winning this thing. It will require the assistance of Stephen J. Hawking, The Fantastic Four and George Lucas’ Industrial Light and Magic, but it can be done.

In the meantime, as we await the official end of 2006 baseball this weekend — and possibly this evening — we’re going to continue the Surviving Grady Andy Kaufman Movie Marathon with these gems from his infamous tussle with Jerry Lawler on Letterman’s old Late Night show. The first is an edited recap of the bit, showing Lawler slap Kaufman and Andy’s retaliatory coffee toss. Perfectly safe for work:

Now this one provides an unedited view of Andy’s profanity-laced diatribe. Funny, funny stuff. And NSFW, unless you keep dem speakers down way, way low.

And to think it was all just a set-up. Next thing you’ll tell me wrestling ain’t real.