In the mad blur of MLB playoff coverage over FOX and ESPN, I heard someone refer to Derek Jeter as “the Iron Man.” And I said, “Wait a motherf–king minute right there, chum.”

Because Tony Stark is Iron Man. Ain’t no two ways about that.

Does Derek Jeter have one of these?

Until he does, he’s just a shortstop for the Yankees, buddy.

[BTW, the best thing about this cartoon theme… check out how distinguished Tony Stark looks sitting at his desk. He’s not really even doing anything at his desk… no pen in his hand; hardly a single item on top of it. But see how he ogles the secretary next to him? Tony Stark’s in the business of making the ladies happy. And when you’re Iron Man, business is good.]

Also, quote of the year: “I didn’t like him that well.” Thanks, George.