Lots of folks have lots of cool memories from the 2004 postseason. Foulke striking out Tony Clark to force Game 7 of the ALCS. Petey slapping Larry Walker on the ass after ol’ Iron Legs was tagged out at home. Schilling locking mandibles with Pesky. Bellhorn’s little finger-point to the Sox dugout after homering off Tavarez to swing momentum our way. Roberts on Timlin’s shoulders, holding the Championship Trophy over his head like it was the goddam Key to the Kingdom. Because it was.

My favorite recollection, however, is that of Ellis Burks carrying the Trophy off the return flight from St. Louis. It was the first time the Trophy would touch down in our fair city since men wore hats and called each other “pally.” And I can’t think of a classier dude to be escorting it back to our streets.

So it was nice to see this quick, “where are they now” interview with Burksey in yesterday’s Globe. Until, that is, I got to this:

Q: I remember the Red Sox indicating they might follow up with a job for you in their organization? A: “No, never heard from them.”

Now, within the magical world of Major League Baseball, I’m sure that no line rings as hollow as “Hey, we’ll call you about a job.” But stocking your organization with guys like Ellis can’t be a bad thing.

Oh, and while we’re on the subject, nicely done, 2004 Red Sox. Nicely done.