Not that I expected much out of the Tigers, but the 5-run 3rd inning put an early end to game 1. Leyland evidently conceded at that point, leaving Nate Robertson in for a shellacing. Robertson is officially off my Christmas card list and out of my will.

Derek Jeter went 5-for-5, coming up big as always in the post-season. Giambi-juice went deep (and had a stolen base?) and Abreu knocked in 4, making that acquisition look better and better. “Hey-Wang-it’s-a-parking-lot” went six-and-two-thirds, giving up just three runs. The Yankee bullpen finished the job, game over.

The one bright spot for me was A-Fraud. He was demoted to sixth in the line-up and went an unimpressive 1-for-4. His one hit was a bases-empty single after the Yankees had put up a 5-spot in the 3rd. He was hitless in his next three at-bats, each time with a man on base. He is the anti-clutch.

Again, I’m not expecting Detroit to put up much of a fight. I’m already looking ahead to the Yankees facing Oakland, or better yet, Minnesota. Tonight, we get Verlander versus Moose. Mussina has been good, but not very much of a workhorse. This one could fall into the hands of the bullpen early, as the Tigers do have some bats that have had success against Mussina in the past.

This sucks not having the Red Sox playing in October.