The regular season is finally over. I’d forgotten how agonizing it is to watch an out-of-contention team play out the schedule. Like watching your favorite TV show that went that one season too long. You know, when they bring in “big stars” like Gopher from The Love Boat or Suzanne Somers to keep the audience’s attention. Or they script in a new baby for the main characters, ’cause that always works. Anyway, I digress. We talk baseball in these parts.

I have to throw my predictions out publicly, to insure proper ridicule when they are completely wrong, as has been the case all season. And I’ll skip right to what matters: the World Series. Probably a pretty common pick, but I see the Twins and the Dodgers. Minnesota has great pitching and a couple of MVP-like position players. Enough to get them through the likes of Oakland and New York, at least.

The Dodgers, they have a few old friends: D-Lowe, Nomar and Sele. But the real attraction for me is the skipper, Grady Little. Can’t you just see it? LA on the verge of winning it all in game 7 with D-Lowe on the mound. The Dodgers have the lead in the seventh but Lowe is clearly losing his shit. Grady visits the mound. You know where I’m going.

My battle cry starting today is ANYBODY BUT THE MF YANKEES!