I’m sure I’ve said this before. But considering the way we fought back, how this thing slipped away, the team we were playing and the point of the season at which it occured… I’m gonna call this the worst loss of the season.

And, as it were, the fork.

As Difford and Tilbrook once sang, the hour glass has no more grains of sand.

Still, there’s lots to look forward to. Papi’s bat is back, meaning we might see a late-season push for MVP. Josh Beckett has a few more starts to right the ship and get us giddy for 2007. Wakefield and Schilling are due back, and that’s always good. And Kelly the Ball Girl has offered her “game pants” to be auctioned off on this site for charity.

Alright, that last one’s pure bullsh-t. But I’d get out my checkbook for that. Kel, you know where to reach me.