Let’s admit the bastards beat us

The New York Yankees are going to finish the 2006 regular season with at least 97 wins, a double-digit lead in the AL East, and at least a tie for the best record in baseball. The Boston Red Sox are going finish with well under 90 wins and possibly in third place behind the Blue Jays. That, my friends, is a good old-fashioned, behind the woodshed ass-kicking.

This team fell apart so fast and so completely it is hard to believe they were 20 games over five-hundred going into the All-Star break. Not to mention the 4-game lead in the East. They stumbled out of the gate in the second half and were just 9-22 in August, including the 5-game Yankee series that was the unofficial end to the season.

Aside from the monumental collapse, there were lowlights galore to individuals. MannyGate ’06, the Lester tragedy, Coco’s finger, Nixon’s farewell games, Tek’s seven consecutive K’s, Big Papi’s ticker scare, A-Gon’s wife having complications during childbirth, and on and on and on. The beat don’t stop until the break of dawn.

Now we’re left with nothing but bitter Yankee-hating. I personally can’t stand the thought of Jeter winning an MVP over David Ortiz. It would suck. Out loud. The Yankees getting another ring would also suck. And seeing, not to mention hearing, Johnny Damon celebrate…well that would be off the chart for sucking.

Don’t let it happen. Please?