This is the legit headline at sportsline: Tavarez pitches complete game in BoSox victory over Jays I shit you not. How does this happen? The guy pitches middle relief and practically needs neck surgery after watching so many balls leave the yard. Then desperate times call for him to start, and with the exception of the Yankees game, he’s been pretty damn good. Now I’m seriously thinking this guy could be a fifth starter next year. Look at some of the bums we’ve paraded out this season and you’ll understand. Have I completely lost it?

Going into spring training, we have Schilling, Beckett, Papelbon, Wakefield (not a guaranteed 4th starter) and who? Kyle Snyder? Matt Clement? Or does anybody really believe the Sox are going to pay for Zito for the next six years? I don’t. Why not take a shot at Tavarez for $3 million? He did have a couple of 10-win seasons as a starter. Not bad for a 5th starter. With Boston’s offense, that could be 12 or 13 wins. On the other hand, there is the possibility that the tube of model glue I’ve been huffing all evening is doing the talking right now. Whatever.

On another note, Coco Crisp is out for the rest of the year, requiring surgery on his finger. I’ve gotta give the guy a pass for this year. He hurt his finger in early April, and I don’t believe we’ve truly seen what he can do as a lead-off hitter. What we have seen is two of the most spectacular catches made in baseball this year. Give him a chance.

Is tomorrow’s matchup really Hansack versus Burnett? Hansack? Oh, here he is…