Hey, congratulations on that no-hitter.


That no-hitter last night. Over Arizona. Congrats.

That was Anibal Sanchez, fool. I’m Isabel Sanford.


Thanks anyway, Red.

Honest, I can’t imagine Isabel Sanford would have done much worse on the mound for the Sox last night. And she’s dead. I’ll admit, they sucked me back in. But perhaps it’s best that we didn’t sweep Chicago. Because today, I’d be re-arranging my October schedule. Planning flights to Detroit. Clearing space in my closet for a 2006 Wild Card T-shirt. Firing up the cheap cigars and pulling on my suspenders, explaining to anyone who’d listen that the Schilling-Beckett-Gabbard triumverate was motherfuggin’ built for success in a five-game playoff series. And if they didn’t think that Kevin Jarvis could turn it on come October, well, then, they just didn’t know Kevin Jarvis.

So, I’m back in reality this morning. Hello.

Anyway, here’s a photo of former Dodger & 1986 ALCS alumnus Don Sutton. Check the fro. See, that fro means business. Seriously. Ain’t no half-steppin’ to Sutton’s fro. Never was, never will be. In fact, I defy you, faithful readers, to find a better afro on a white baseball player from any era. E-mail your best shots to soxfiend2004[AT]comcast[DOT]net, or just link to ’em in our comments section. Best one gets a Mighty Ortiz shirt. Go ‘head. Just you try.