OK, just a few short days ago I committed to stick with this team until the end. You may not have read the fine print that went along with my commitment. It says that I retain the right to berate, rant and even launch viscous personal attacks on any player or coach who costs this team a win. My problem with last night’s game is, who do I blame?

David Wells pitched a fantastic game. Just another example of “what coulda been” if not for the injuries this year. In the eighth, Francona decides to go to Timlin. Initially I think “great idea, Timlin isn’t really done like people think.” Then I see the numbers. Beltre is a career .300 with a home run, Ibanez is a career .400 with a home run. And I know what is about to happen. And it does.

Timlin finishes the inning, seeming to have gained “Schilling privileges” where you just stay in the game regardless of how you pitch. And a guy names Putz comes in and strikes out the side in the ninth. All of this when the knew the Yankees had already lost and this was a chance to pick up a full game. Then I think back to how the top of the eighth ended with a supposedly-gimpy Manny running into an out at third. And was Hale even telling him to slide like he should have?

I look at the lineup and see gaping holes in the batting order with Cora, Kapler and the Lopez/Mirabeli dream team hitting where better players should be, and I again have to wonder why I’m here watching every night. Anyway, I’m going with Francona to wear the “L” for last night. He’s a guy that goes with the numbers and he put Timlin in a situation where the numbers didn’t work. MDC or two innings from Papelbon would have been a better gamble.

This afternoon we get Snyder looking to stop the bleeding and we can only hope the big bats wake up. Nights are getting chilly and the season is running short.