In today’s Globe, Gordon Edes asks the Sox what sort of welcome home they anticipate from the fans at Fenway. Kevin Youkilis responds with, “Are you dealing with rational people? They’re Red Sox fans. If they want to boo, what are you going to do?”

Hell, I’m not gonna boo! The season’s over? Sox are finished? Nothing in your world but gloom and doom and Damon Wayans? Screw that noise. Until the digits tell me that there’s no mathematical possibility that the Red Sox will be playing in October, I’m enjoying the ride. And even though the September schedule is looking about as appealing as a prostate exam from Edward Scissorhands, there are a number of reasons to look on the bright side of life:

Curt Schilling got his 3,000 strikeout, all but securing that Red Sox cap on his Cooperstown plaque.

You might just find yourself sitting in the dugout for the final homestand!

In just another month, Javy Lopez, Coco Crisp, Gabe Kapler, Julian Tavarez, Trot Nixon and Matt Clement won’t be our problem anymore.

Thinking about Leeann Tweeden is still free. Take that, Bin Laden!

The Mighty Ortiz is getting better all the time, thankfully in every sense of the word.

Cloning technology is still not perfected, meaning we’ll only have to suffer one Jermaine Van Buren in our lifetime.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, Jon Lester needs our positive vibes. Can’t let the boy down.

In other news, check this box score from Yahoo!’s recap of yesterday’s game:

Kinda says it all, doesn’t it?