It is the most maddening aspect of the game, yet it is the beauty of the game. One night a superstar takes the mound or gets up to bat in a crucial situation and fails. Another night, the person you least expect to do anything other than give you reason to have one more drink screws on his nuts a little tighter and helps the team grab a much-needed W.

Last night it was Boomer Wells and Coco Crisp who decided it was time. Wells went six-and-two-thirds and gave up four runs. Not spectacular, but enough. And sometimes that is all you need. After that, the young guns – Hansen and Papelbon – took over and closed it out. Crisp was 2-for-3 with a big two-run double, raising his average to 281.

Not to take anything away from His Papiness who blasted number 41. But you’ve come to expect that, just as you’ve come to expect guys like Youk to chip in a hit or two and Lowell to play above average defense at third. It is the guys that haven’t really done it yet that need to have a pre-game glass of kickass and go get it done.

In 2004, it was OC, Bellhorn or Mueller. This year, my money is on Wily Mo Pena to go on a streak and hit another 10 homeruns in the final 40 games. This weekend would be a great time to start, with the Yankees coming in for a potentially-huge 5-game series. If it goes 3-2 either way, it is a one-game swing in the standings. If either team wins 4 or sweeps, look out. There will be a Mardi Gras in the streets if it is Boston, and it will suddenly be football season if it is New York.

Thankfully, we get an off-day after a win. Seems like it has been a while since we didn’t go into a day off reliving a horrible loss the night before. So enjoy, RSN, it is the calm before the storm. My prediction, and I’ve been wrong on nearly every one this year, is 4 wins for the good guys. Your thoughts?