Suddenly, October’s looking pretty open on my calendar.


Yet, I must continue to pray, pray, pray because, as has been well documented here over the past several years, I’m a one-sport guy. Never sat through an entire football game. Never went near hockey or basketball. No soccer or jai-lai in this house. No lacrosse or skeet shooting or shuffleboard or gymnastics or rodeo or NASCAR or “spin the robot” or tennis or billiards or Celebrity Bird Sighting with Rick Dees. Once the final out of the World Series is recorded, I’m on a strict diet of NESN Hot Stove and Zoey 101 until it all cranks up again the following April.

So I must keep hoping that Papi gets well soon. That Tek and Wake can activate Wonder Twin powers and possibly return in time for a little September magic. That Coco was just punking us for the majority of the season, and will finally get down to the bi’ness of kicking ass. That the guys will remember how to hit and field so that the last few weeks of the season are at least enjoyable affairs, providing one or two highlights to get me through the winter months.