In the Bizarro world, Curt Schilling is like 20-3 this season. Seriously, since Wake came up lame, Curt seems to have inherited the “sorry, but we won’t be hitting tonight to support you” vibe that plagued Timmy for much of the season. Granted, not one of The Schill’s best outings, but jeezus… shut down by Jake Woods? That’s kinda like getting your face busted up in a barroom brawl with Frankie Muniz. And then there was that ass-ugly misplay by Coco that acually made my stomach churn. Unnf. Really, since Curt left one strikout shy of his 3,000, the only real highlight of this game was the fact that The Hebrew Hammer got a hit. Like, an actual hit. Bat met ball. What’s next? Flying machines?

Anyway, more fun tonight with Wells vs. Meche as the freefall continues.