What is better than laying around on a beautiful summer Sunday basking in the afterglow of a great Red Sox win? Well, there may be a few things but it is certainly better than having to clean up broken glass and patch holes in the plaster after a tough loss, isn’t it?

Today is the day. The boys have proven they can win with their 4th and 5th starters, now the time comes to get the top of the rotation going. And it took the bats a few innings to wake up, but they did, and all is well for the moment. Once again I must ask all of you who criticized the Bronson for Wily Mo trade to kindly tap your nuts with a small mallet. Bronson hasn’t won a game in…forever, and Wily Mo has three tremendous homers in the last five games. Just think of the potential with a Papi-Manny-Wily line-up, especially after Pena becomes a little more disciplined at laying off the breaking stuff. Devastating.

Unfortunately I won’t be at the game but I’ve got the K’s printed out and ready to hang on the wall behind the couch. This is the last warm-up before Detroit and the Yankees come to town. If you are going to Fenway, bring your broom.