Another game, another injury. Last night it was Doug Mirabelli getting his ankle and knee turned in the first inning at a play at the plate. Mirabelli sucked it up and stayed in the game for an inning, but was replaced by just-arrived Javy Lopez in the third. Mirabelli joins Mike Lowell and Trot Nixon as players hurt within the past week of play. Almost joining them were Cora and/or Youk after a near-collision later in the game.

Nevertheless, the Sox continue to find ways to win. Often, they ride the bat of His Papiness (two more long balls last night), but of late everyone has been contributing. The often-criticized Coco is starting to play like the pre-injury Coco two more hits and a steal last night. Or as DO likes to say, “a theft.” The defense of Gonzo, Loretta and Youk has been nothing short of dazzling. They flash more leather than a Harley convention.

On the mound, things are not quite as solid. After Schilling and Lester, the starters are suspect. The bullpen has been solid, Papelbon being the anchor and MDC and Hansen setting him up nicely.

Personally, I don’t like the view from second place. With a weakened Rays line-up, even Wells should be able to waddle out of the Trop with a W. See you tonight.