I hate to do it just a couple of days after the break, but it is time for a little reminder of how the game was meant to be played. What better time with Schilling on the mound, didn’t he show the baseball world in 2004 what this game was all about? You bet your ass he did.

The party is over, guys. Vacation, recess, whatever the feck you call your three days off, it is over. These are real games that mean something. So take a look at the sock. See the blood? That is real, that is October baseball. That represents history and all that is right about the game you play. That could have been a man’s career seeping out of his ankle to win a single game. But he put all of that aside for the good of the team and the great town he plays for.

Look again. And don’t forget it. Time to kick start the second half. With a win.