Some of the names and faces were a little different but the results were certainly the same. Red Sox Nation hears the two letters “DH” and immediately think Big Papi. Not the case yesterday. Another big hitter stepped into the role to give Ortiz a rest, showing he may just be human after all. Wily Mo Pena made his first start after being on the DL, and right away made an impact, going 2-for-3 with 2 RBI. If there is anyone still lamenting the trade that sent Arroyo to the Reds for Pena, please feel free to give yourself a nut punch on my behalf. This was a good trade, for this year and many to come.

By the same theory, RSN watches a game go into the ninth inning and wait for Papelbon to come out of the bullpen to humiliate three batters. Yesterday, it was Mike Timlin filling that role. Papelbon had closed out three consecutive one-run games and needed a day. Timlin can in and got the side on 13 pitches.

To cap the night off, the Yankees lost to the Jays with Sandman giving up the ninth-inning blast to Vernon Wells. Not to mention…OK, I have to mention it – A-Fraud made an error that helped blow the Yankees 4-1 lead.

It’s good to be us, isn’t it?