I almost feel bad for fans of contending National League teams. Almost. You go into the 9th inning with a one-run lead, you put the game’s second most prolific closer in history on the mound, and you think you’ve finally secured World Series home-field advantage in the “this time it counts” All Star Game era. Wrong. Trevor Hoffman, he of the 10+ ERA in All Star appearances, coughed it up quite nicely for the AL.

So if you’re lucky like me, you get home just in time for the 8th inning and only have to suffer through 30 minutes or so of mind-numbing commentary and IQ-shrinking opinions. Very little (that I heard) was made of the fact that AJ Punchinski was the only position player not to get in the game. Hmmm. And there was a little piece of me that wanted Rivera to give it back in the 9th, but I kept reminding myself the Sox were in 1st place and every little bit helps, especially the way they’ve been playing at home this year.

And that’s really all I have to say about that. The unwelcomed 3-day distraction is almost over and we can get back into the game we love watching the team we love. For tonight, I recommend a 6-pack of your favorite beer and a movie, Caddyshack, Wedding Crashers, something you don’t need to think about. No reruns of “classic” baseball games, it won’t help. Better make it a 12-pack.