Red Sox Nation has begun to look at every fifth day with as much trepidation as a high school girl waiting on the results of a home pregnancy test. You hope for the best, but you just know it isn’t going to be good. Such was the case yesterday. It turns out that taping up the windows and securing all movable objects in preparation for Hurricane Fifth Starter wasn’t completely necessary, but the result was still a loss. In fairness to Kason Gabbard, it was an error that led to his demise, and the bats just didn’t keep the mojo going after Friday’s slugfest. Still, my stash of fifth-starter-du-jour Jack Daniels did not go to waste, another decision I am regretting.

With the strategically-placed off-day coming on Thursday, is it possible we could see David Wells back in the rotation? If Snyder can conjure up another decent start, the Sox would be in pretty good shape until getting Tim Wakefield back. As far as trying to trade away any of the young arms or position players to fill the fifth spot, don’t do it. The Sox have a historic defensive run going, and the bullpen has been great as long as Seanez and Tavares stay on the bench. Look around, what contender has a fifth starter? I say we stand pat. It is July 23rd and the Sox are in first place. Two starting pitchers are on the mend and Wily Mo just got back in the line-up.

Today, we get boy-wonder and co-founder of the “There is no H in Jon” club, Jon Lester. I’d predict a big win if not for Seattle throwing a lefty as well. Fortunately, packies are open now in MA and I have until 4:00 to refill the bar.