The oft-dreaded West Coast trip started with a bang last night. Everything Jamie Moyer threw ended up out of the park. There were more wildly flying balls than disco night at the Ramrod. Christ, I think Johnny Pesky could have taken Moyer deep last night. Coco broke an 0-for-15 slump, Youk had a couple more hits, and A-Gon accounted for one of the long balls, his average a delicious .283. All is well with the bats.

Pitching, you ask? Lately, any starter not named Schilling or Beckett has led to a night of hard drinking for Sox fans. Not so last night as Kyle Snyder put in 5 solid innings before cramping up in the heat of Seattle before the sixth inning. Hansen came in and gave up a couple, but the lead was healthy enough by then to even consider a Tavares or Seanez appearance. MDC and Timlin came in to finish it off, and that’s all she wrote. Except…isn’t it curious that Lowell was not in the line-up after being the headline trade rumor yesterday?

In other good news, the Yankees lost to Toronto again. These teams have like 11 more games to beat each other up this season, thank you Mr. Schedule-maker.

Finally, this just in, Barry Bonds is still an ass.