What can I say? I took my eyes off the ball for a split second. It’s Little League 101, and it cost us the game. And I’m sorry about that.

Yeah, that pick-off there. Not so cool. I know you were all thinking “game winning rally” and then I go and get nailed, and then you’re probably all thinking “kill him with a stick.” But it won’t happen again, I promise.

I’m the leadoff guy. The straw that stirs the drink, as they say. I need to be getting on base and making things happen. That “O-fer” last night didn’t help us any, and I apologize vehemently.

That Kielty. I shoulda killed him. I could have, I suppose. But I didn’t. And he got the hit and they won. Simple. Tonight, I shoot him.

Fred Durst here, champs. While we’re all on this, I’d just like to apologize for, y’know. Everything. Just… everything.

Well, it’s about time, Fred.

Yes. Yes, it is.