The Red Sox returned to Fenway with a problem. Lenny DiNardo is still on the DL. Matt Clement developed a mysterious arm injury (that everyone knows is really a problem just north of his shoulder)and also ended up on the DL. Wells is still…hurt? Old? Fat? Whatever.

Theo had the answer: Kyle Snyder. Picking up a pitcher off of the Royals’ scrap heap has about the same odds for success as winning Three-card Monte at the Boston Common. But somehow this gamble paid off. Snyder went five innings and kept the Sox in the game, pretty much all that was expected of him, and the bats did the rest. The Sox pounded out 8 hits and 4 runs against Tony Armas in the first three-and-a-third innings and Snyder and the depleted bullpen made it stand.

During a pre-game man-on-the-street Surviving Grady poll outside Fenway, we got the following answers to the timeless question: “who is Kyle Snyder?”

“Wasn’t he an Olympic snowboarder”

“I think he is the Governor of Maine”

“He was the guy on the grassy knoll”

“I believe he invented the freeze-pop”

“I love him! He was the guy with all the keys on One Day at a Time

I think we’d get different answers if we asked today. At least I hope we would.