I was wrong. There, I’ve said it out loud and I throw myself at the mercy of Red Sox Nation asking forgiveness. In all of my genius pre-season predictions I had Curt Schilling aging before our eyes and failing miserably. I never expected someone his age (also my age) to come back from the surgeries following his 2004 heroics and pitch effectively. To date, he has been the team savior along with Papelbon.

Just to get a few things out there, I also predicted Benchwarmers would win an Oscar and that Boston would have a drought this spring. So don’t take any hot stock tips from me.

Anyway, Schilling is the man. I don’t have to like listening to him speak, but I do like what he does on the mound. He is a baseball warrior. I am waiting for the bullpen to dare blow one of his games. I fully expect him to visit the mound and deliver a vicious beating to the unlucky reliever. Let’s hope he goes eight strong and hands the ball to Papelbon for the save. The passing of the torch.

Hang in there Red.