What’s with all the pancakes?

You don’t like pancakes?

No. Coco love. But… jesus. There’s like 1,000 of them.

Nothing’s too good for my boys. Sausage is over there. Also ham, steak, chicken and several crown roasts.

Crown roast. Superb.

::Knocks plate out of Timlin’s hands:: Not so fast. This is for the offense.

The f–k?

It’s not every day these guys tear it up like that. Eleven runs. When I’m on the mound? It’s like a Christmas miracle in June.

::shakes empty beer can:: I’m outta Stroh’s over here.

Comin’ right up. Refills for everyone. Oh, and Rolexs, too.

::Knock at door:: Hello?

Hey there. Guys, I asked Leeann Tweeden to come by for morning backrubs.

Sweet. ::removes shirt::

Are we talking full release? Alex don’t get out of bed for anything less than full release.

Dude, after that 3-for-3 showing last night, you can have a go at my mom if you want.

::gives double thumbs-up::

And no more settling for simply watching Revenge of the Sith on plasma. I’ve invited Anthony Daniels to personally come by and prance around in full C-3PO garb.

I’m extra good at prancing, sir! ::starts prancing::

What the hell is going on here?

Aw, just showing the guys a little love after that offensive outburst last night.

Well that’s sickening. I mean, that’s their job. These guys are getting paid millions. They need backrubs and rib dinners as extra incentive?

You know… you might consider the same, Curt.

That’s right. You never know when the hits can… I dunno… dry up. If you catch my drift.

Er… what I meant was… who wants a ride in a hovercraft?

Smashing, sir! I’ll get my purse.

Apologies to the Dugout and Anthony Daniels.