Ten in a row. Another gem from Lester. Offense bursting at the seams like the buttons on Dom DeLuise’s vest. But the real highlight of last night’s game, from my twisted perspective at least, was the staggeringly awesome standing O for Pedro Martinez. It was one of those moments that makes ya proud to be a Red Sox fan, like when they carted out Ted Williams for the 1999 All Star Game or put Jennifer Lopez’ spectacular arse on display in the owner’s seats during the 2003 ALCS. Even more awesome: Petey’s post-game comments regarding Damon, which went something like: “Johnny still holds the Red Sox in his heart. He was a part of that championship team. He just chose the wrong uniform.”

As we near the halfway point of the season, what I find so intriguing is how everyone’s fitting snugly into their roles. Youk — who I once figgered would be as effective a leadoff hitter as the guy who played Schultz on Hogan’s Heroes — is good for a couple hits each game. Loretta very quietly gets the job done night after night, getting on base and setting the table for Ortiz and Manny. Lowell provides that potent stick toward the bottom of the order — all while maintaining Major League Baseball’s most dashing salt-and-pepper beard, we might add. Coco is thriving in the eight-hole, and A-Gon continues to flirt with .280, much to the distress of his longtime companion, .220.

All this and Wade Boggs and Bruce Hurst in the house, as the Sox honored the 1986 AL Championship team. And I gotta admit, it was great seeing Boggsie in the booth with Rem and O, sporting his Red Sox jersey. All hail the 86ers. Ron Darling can bite me.

Simply put, these are maginificent times. Days to pull the TV out onto the deck or balcony or front yard, pack the mini-fridge with Coors, and line-up the foam hands. We’ve won ten in a row, stand three and a half games over New York, and it’s Pedro vs. Beckett at 7:05 tonight. Dude, in Russia, they’re lining up for sweet rolls. But here, we’re taking a plush Lincoln Continental to Remyland.

Alas, all these good vibes are tempered with a couple dark clouds. Our best to THE GAMMONS, who is recovering from surgery on a brain aneurysm. Godspeed, Peter.