Other than the Trop, is there a park in all of baseball as miserable as the Metrodome? For this trip, it certainly brought out the worst in the Red Sox. Being swept by the 2006 Twins is not something these guys are going to be telling their grandchildren someday.

The offense was non-existent: 6 runs over three games. With Santana going, you gotta expect a tough night, but Radke and Silva? Both their ERA’s were over six. Yet they made the Sox hitters look like little leaguers. Yes, the bullpen sucked but these guys need to start scoring. Especially against weak pitchers. When Varitek has the only clutch hit in a series and A-Gon is your best hitter, there’s a problem. Did anybody think Manny was going to go yard and tie the game? I didn’t think so.

So, we put this behind us. The Sox are still within a game of first place, and we won’t be seeing Clement on the hill any time soon. We hope. On to Hotlanta. Land of the free, home of the Braves. And Ted Turner and Jane Fonda. If I don’t get stabbed in Buckhead tonight, I’ll be at tomorrow’s game watching from a luxury suite.

We need a few wins, boys. Tonight would be a good time to start.