Is the glass half empty or half full? Do you look at yesterday’s split and say “they started a rookie pitcher in the second game, a split is OK” or do you think “they were one strike away from dropping both games with their number two pitcher starting?”

The “glass half full” camp will talk about the grind of the doubleheader and blame Francona for sitting Manny before an off-day.

Well, unless Manny was going to pitch long relief, my glass is half empty today. The Red Sox bullpen is a mess. With Timlin hurt, there is nobody I want to see come out to pitch except Delcarmen or Papelbon.

Tavares is crazy, he can’t be trusted. Seanez sucked when we had him before, and he sucks now. Riske? Maybe. Keith Foulke is the real target of my bullpen hatred. The guy is mailing it in. Time to eat his contract, thank him for 2004, and kick his ass to the curb. With all of the starters except Schill being suspect, we need nails in the pen. Time to try some prospects? Make some deals? This can’t go on. There’s bad times ahead.

Once again, I ask that you keep Red and is family in your thoughts and prayers.