At about 8:30 I was ready to make the call. With the Red Sox up 4-0 and the Yankees getting pasted, I almost did it. I consider myself a legitimate Red Sox fan, but on May 16th I almost declared the AL East race over. Then Schilling gave up the first homerun, and I started hearing the whispers. The voices of ’78 and ’86 and 2003 got louder as Schilling blew the 4-run lead and the Yankees crept back into their game against Texas. In the end, the Sox pulled it out and Schilling even got the “W” but it wasn’t pretty.

This is the 2006 Red Sox, built on pitching and defense. But once again, it was the bats that bailed them out. Granted the bullpen did the job, even the bizarre move of bringing in Mike Holtz (who?) worked to get the last out in the sixth. Timlin and Papelbon slammed the door in the last three innings, but I wasn’t left with the usual post-win glow. Schilling gave up three long-balls while striking out just two. Against the Orioles?

Meanwhile the Yankees complete the comeback and win on a walk-off by Posada. That came after the chinless one was almost beheaded at the plate tagging out Texiera. That’s the type of win that gets a team rolling. They are beat up and their starting pitching is suspect, but they are still breathing.

Elsewhere, some comic relief in the Angels/Jays game as the Molina brothers play some backyard baseball and steal bases off each other.

Russ Springer took 5 pitches to do it, but finally nailed Bonds. He was warned when his first pitch went behind the giant-headed one. He kept going inside until he found his target. The Houston fans gave Spring a standing ovation as he was ejected.

Wake and Doug versus Bedard tonight.