Theo: Good morning skipper, congrats on win number 500.

Tito: ::looks up with a frown:: Yeah, whatever. How did Hansen do?

Theo: Four scoreless, no decision. Who pissed in your Wheaties?

Tito: Friggin’ Beckett.

Theo: Beckett? He pitched great, what’s his problem?

Tito: I didn’t say he had a problem. He actually pissed in my Wheaties. Friggin’ comedian. Tasted like he’d had a few birthday pops after the game. Buds, if I’m not mistaken.

Theo: OK, that’s enough gross to last me a while. Seriously, good win. Wily Mo looks good. We’ll need him until David gets his shit together.

Tito: That Pena is a strong sunnofabitch. You know his parents own a banana farm or something?

Theo: I think they call it a plantation. He claims he got so strong working there, lifting crates of bananas onto trucks and stuff like that.

Tito: Can we send a few of the other guys down there?

Theo: Why? Production is good.

Tito: I just like home runs. Less chance of leaving guys on base when you hit home runs. And I like bananas.

Theo: Me too! But they’re better when they’re starting to turn. They’re sweeter.

Tito: Mmmmmm. Hey, how about Farnsworth spitting the bit? And Sturtze going on the DL? The media will be calling it The Curse of Johnny Damon or something.

Theo: I smell a division title. It smells a little bit like green.

Tito: Oh msn, you’re not back to thinking you can smell colors?

Theo: Can’t everybody?