So much rain and everything damp, cold and wet, I’m starting to feel like Rick Deckard, sloshing around 2019 Los Angeles. And while it’s only been a couple games, it seems like forever since I’ve last seen Lowell and Manny and Youk and Tito. Tonight, the Sox are in Baltimore, where, according to the local forecast, there’s a 40% chance of precipitation. Man, that’s 40% more than I need right now. Another rain out and I swear I’ll be forced to do soemthing irrational. Like, y’know… watch JAG.

Might I also suggest, with the Yankees reeling a bit — a bit — from the loss of Matsui and The Unit’s erratic performance, that now is the time to crank it into overdrive and start building precious distance between us and them. Before King George opens the wallet to land something big.

Oh, and speaking of the Yanks, do check out this vid, shot from the POV of a Sox fan making his way through the bleachers at Yankee Stadium. Needless to say, due to some of the chanting, gestures and threats of violence, it’s not quite work safe.

Pray for sun, folks. And I’ll see you at 7:05.