Well, that was a large steaming cup of suck, wasn’t it? I’ll let it slide as the post-Yankee letdown. But just this once.

The lowlights:

Papelbon giving up a run. There is something to be said for bringing in the closer in a non-save situation. I don’t like it. Let’s hope there is no lingering affect on the beast’s confidence. I doubt it, but one never knows.

Willie Harris. Not that he did anything wrong, but just seeing him in the game makes my ass pucker.

Keith Foulke giving it up. Yeah, he’s been pitching OK. I just don’t like the crap that comes out of his mouth in interviews. Or when he gives up the lead. He’ll be bitching about something n the papers today.

Tek striking out. With the 0-2 count, there was no doubt in my mind the high fastball was coming. Wrong. Tek must have been looking for the same thing, trying to hold off on the high heat for the first time in his life. Instead, nasty pitch catching the outside corner and Tek looks like Kevin Millar taking strike three.

A-Gon. Gulp. We knew the guy wasn’t A-Rod, but .187? There comes a point when great defense can’t offset the automatic out in the line-up. I think we’re there.

Tonight, we shake this off and look ahead. Better weather. 0-for-the-season Josh Towers opposing us. Time to pile on, boys.