1. Don’t shake off Varitek.

2. Don’t fall asleep at the wheel. After a pasting like Tuesday night’s, I typically anticipate the worst. “I wish they’d bank some of these runs,” I kept saying as we plated 10, then 13, then 14. It makes absolutely no cosmic sense, but I cling tenaciously to that bizarre superstition that laughable success one night will translate into utter frustration the next. But this one looked good early on. And after Robo-Papi and Lowell went deep in the first, I started thinking, “Holy crap. Maybe we do have the Yanks’ number this year.” Bad move.

3. I think I might want to marry Mike Lowell.

4. “Alex is sensitive.”

5. There’s no one on the Yankees I like less than Jason Giambi, and watching him make a home-run trot actually physically sickens me.

6. Again, don’t shake off Varitek. Although, considering his numbers against Mussina — which I believe had gotten so bad that Tek simply positioned a cardboard cut-out of himself at the plate rather than waste everyone’s precious time — I wondered aloud why Tito might not consider using Mirabelli. When Tek grounded out with the bases loaded in the third, I wondered even louder.

7. Mike Myers may not be the “Ortiz Killer” after all.

8. The Curt Schilling who was 4-0 with a 1.61 ERA? I want that guy back. Although I get the impression that his losses weigh heavier on his mind than we may think. I can totally picture him spending his morning strapped to a tree in the thick Medfield woods, begging two guys in bear suits to whip him harder, “Because I deserve it.”

9. Yesterday I ate a sandwich that weighed more than Wille Harris’ batting average.

10. That thing about shaking off Varitek? Don’t do it.