The White Sox versus the Cubs for Windy City bragging rights ends up in a good old-fashioned throwdown. Yankees play the Mets for back page honors. And the Red Sox play…the Phillies? Whatever.

The game did have a few moments that could only happen in interleague play or a Bizarro Seinfeld episode. Take a look at this line and try to guess who it is:

2-for-4, 2 runs scored, 2 RBI and a homerun

Of course it has to be Papi? Or Manny? How about Josh Beckett! After the longball the entire dugout gave him the silent treatment for a minutes before burying him in high-fives. Can you say chemistry?

And if you saw the E-3 in the boxscore, you’d know it was Ortiz trying to adjust to playing first base instead of just mashing balls with a wooden bat. Wrong – Papi has been solid at first – it was JT Snow in the late-innings-defensive-replacement role that made the gaff.

One more – a 1-for-4 night with a 2-run homer. It was our very own Alex Gonzalez providing some insurance with the blast.

Today we roll the dice with DiNardo battling Lidle. Start drinking early and pray for the bats to stay hot.