It’s become increasingly clear that the only time Rudy Seanez should be allowed onto the playing field at Fenway is if there’s a fire in the bullpen and he needs to cut across the green to make his escape. Or if, say, there’s a brawl against the Crankees and we need his ultimate fighting skills to help thwack Tanyon Sturtze into submission. Also, at the end of a game we’ve won, in which he didn’t appear: perfectly fine for him to walk across the field as he exits into the clubhouse. Same goes for Tavarez, really, whom I liked a hell of a lot more when he was pitching against us in Game One of the 2004 World Series.

In allowing five walks and one hit in the ninth inning, these fellas single-handedly [or is that double-handedly] f–ked up my long weekend but good. Long weekends are supposed to be relaxing. It’s time for cold beer, neatly carved steaks and inviting the BC chicks from upstairs to cool off their feet in the living room wading pool. Instead, I’m foaming at the mouth, hurtling green Rolling Rock bottles at walls and forgetting all about the T-bones I’d left on the grill, reduced to mere ashes by the time the Sox finally put this one away.

Problem is, with Timlin on the DL, we’re gonna see more of the Z boys over the next week. And this troubles me. With Toronto, Detroit and New York on the agenda, this ain’t no easy road we’re heading down. We need everyone fine-tuned, laser-sharp, and full of rage and Heineken. We need angst, anger and a belly full of “that’s right, I’m coming into your house and f–king your sh-t up.” We need… Seanez and Tavarez to stay home, bound and gagged and thrown in the sub-basement of the Cask n’ Flagon.

Other than those two — and the sudden rash of injuries to key cogs like Timlin and Manny — this four game set against the Rays gave us lots to be pleased about. Mark Loretta, who just four weeks ago was being checked for a pulse, is on a 13-game hit streak. Schilling is looking more like April Schill. The defense has never been sharper. Scenic Lowell and Youkilis continue to defy expectactions. And Coco’s in the hizzouse. Plus, Tim Wakefield reminded us that when he’s on his game, he’s virtually unhittable.

But to come out of this upcoming roadtrip with more Ws than Ls, we’re gonna need some seriously good pitching. That means Clement, Seanez and Tavarez have gotta sound off like they got a pair. Like they want to be pitching in October. And if they need extra incentive, they should consider this: No way Mike Timlin wants to be in last place when he gets off the DL. Anyone who wants to piss off Timlin does so at his own peril.

Clement vs. Halladay tonight. Self-medicate as necessary.