Especially when you get 14 of ’em. Throw in 16 hits and you’ve got a shitload of baserunners and an old-fashioned Friday night beat down. No sense in going through the numbers but suffice to say it was a good team effort.

I know the season is only 4 games old but I can’t lie – I love looking at this…

Boston 3-1
Baltimore 2-2
Tampa Bay 2-2
Toronto 2-2
Yankees 1-3

Two questions for Mr. Francona:

Why leave Clement in when he was clearly out of gas? What is the obsession with having him finish the 7th inning? The win was in hand, it was his first outing of a long season, and his stats are skewed by garbage time runs. I’m watching you, Tito.

Why didn’t Wily Mo get in the game? Don’t tell me we’re going to let this guy rot on the bench. I know we have great starting outfielders and Stern deserves a shot after his spring, but this was a blowout – what better time to everyone an at-bat or two?

In AAA, Wells got knocked around – 5 innings, 7 runs, six hits. Not sure it means anything…

Saturday brings us Schilling. You have to like the 2006 model, not just for his gem of a first start but also for the cheerleading from the dugout when Beckett and Papelbon were pitching. He should mow through the likes of Nick Markakis and David Newhan.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got an intervention to attend at Red’s house.