Dear Mr. Francona,

What the f–k are you doing? You have an unproven lefty starter going up against a team that eats lefties for brunch. How could you counter that? How about with some offense? Not this crap:

Willie Harris .143
J.T. Snow .125
Dustan Mohr .192
Alex Cora .143

Did you learn nothing from 2005? There are no throw-away games in Major League Baseball. Every game counts. When you end up losing the division or the wild card by a game, yesterday will be the reason why.

I don’t want to see that Cora was 1-2 against Halladay in little league or that Lowell and Gonzo needed a blow. We need wins. Matt Clement today. How about we put a few major leaguers in the line-up and get him some frigging run support? Four losses in a row is not acceptable.

I know you’re disappointed that Hazel Mae doesn’t do the post-game interviews anymore, but you need to get over that. Tina’s not that bad.

Take a deep breath before you fill out the line-up card. Youk belongs at first, Lowell at third, Gonzo at short. If Stern has to stay in Pawtucket, give Wily Mo centerfield. Seriously. And how about El Capitan behind the plate? Off day tomorrow Tito. Then back to Schilling on Tuesday. Do the right thing. We have worse pictures than this to use if you keep screwing up.