Some worthless observations after watching the first three games of the season.

Josh Beckett + packed house at Fenway is gonna equal unstoppable awesomeness.

I’m definitely digging Tina Cervasio, NESN’s new Sox onfield reporter. Not so much that I’m ready to put away my Kelly the Ball Girl posters and wood carvings, mind you… but still digging her nonetheless.

One of the best things about the start of the Sox season? You know how you felt when you were watching Wednesday night’s game, and after Papelbon shut ’em down, the NESN cameras showed Beckett pumping his fist and jumping the railing to the dugout steps? That feeling, right there? That’s it.

Everytime I find myself wanting to hate on Keith Foulke, I just slap Faith Rewarded into the DVD player, and remember just how critical he was to one of the greatest months of my life.

At 1 for 10, Manny’s starting up a little slow. But that means all holy hell will soon break loose when he does flip the switch. I like when holy hell happens. So this will be good.

Without a Sox game last night, I ended up watching the Orioles/D-Rays, courtesy of Comcast MLB Season Ticket’s free preview. During a break, they showed a house ad for the Orioles, encouraging fans to get out, buy some tickets, and support the hometown team. And when Kevin Millar’s mug comes onscreen, telling people to come on down to Camden Yards, I blink a couple times and say, “What the f–k is Millar doing hawking Os tickets?” And then I remembered. Despite his relatively short tenure here, it seems weird to see El Bencho in another team’s uni.

Write this down: Hero of the 2006 season = Matt Clement.

See you at 7:05 for the ultimate battle for first place.