Sure, there’s a lot to talk about, what with Adam Stern and his pack of hockey-mad Canucks beating the US in the first round of the WBC and Barry Bonds still, by all accounts, a roaring arsehole. But I’m stuck on the recent revelation that Terry Francona and Grady Little shared an apartment back in the day.

Huh? Christalmighty, can you imagine these two on laundry day [“Whoa, Grady… I don’t think these are mine”]? Or trying to entice a couple chicks back to the pad? Or discussing the previous night’s conquests over coffee and Cap’n Crunch? It certainly seems, based on Tito’s recollection, that the wild times were never-ending:

“The thing I remember most is that you couldn’t go by a Circle K without stopping and getting a lottery ticket. We had a lot of fun.”

Holy god. Perhaps we’ll hear more after the Sox take on Grady, Nomar and the LA Sox today at 1:00pm.

Also, after seeing this clip of DO and Millar at the NESN website, all I can say is… I think I want him back.